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I understand that my participation in Vail SafeFit® Wellness Program “SafeFit”) including but not limited to my treatments, exercises, activities, use of the gym, massage services, nutritional counseling, personal training and any related activities or services, prescribed by Howard Head Sports Medicine Staff (“Howard Head”)is strictly voluntary and is not a requirement of SafeFit. In consideration of being permitted to participate in SafeFit, I, my heirs, personal representatives or assigns, do hereby release, waive, and discharge Vail Health, SafeFit and Howard Head as well as their parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, insurance companies, successors in interest, commercial and corporate sponsors, shareholders, Board of Directors, officers, agents, administrators, employees, and any participating instructors or clinicians (“Releasees”)from any and all liability for any and all claims relating to loss, damage or destruction of personal property or to personal/bodily/mental injuries sustained as a result of my participation in SafeFit, and any claims arising from the negligence of any Releasees.

I further agree to follow any limitations in activity and /or equipment use required for my safety. I have inspected the various facilities and programs offered by SafeFit and are fully aware of the dangers and risks of injury inherent in my participation. I understand that the risks normally associated with the use of any exercise program and fitness equipment are increased for anyone who is injured, physically compromised, or under medication and I accept full responsibility for my participation in the program.

I am aware that I should consult with a physician before I undertake any physical exercise programs and /or any associated activities in SafeFit. I understand that SafeFit is being offered as a wellness program and not as a substitute for medical care by a physician.

I voluntarily choose to participate in the SafeFit Program. I understand that participating in SafeFit is not required as part of my employment and is voluntary on my part. All time in which I participate in SafeFit are considered to be unpaid time. Therefore, I understand that I should make these appointments outside of my scheduled work hours. I also understand and agree that any injury I sustain while taking part in SafeFit will not be considered to be a work related injury and therefore will not be covered by workers' compensation benefits.

Acknowledgement of Understanding

I have read this consent, release and waiver of liability and fully realize the risks associated with SafeFit and I intend this to be a complete release of SafeFit, Howard Head and Releasees from any liability.